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If your AC isn’t cooling properly, or if your fan / blower isn’t working or running more loudly than usual, stop in to Precision Auto Service and have it checked by our experienced technicians. Don’t get stuck in traffic during the hottest summer months with malfunctioning air conditioning. Bring your vehicle in and make sure you are riding in comfort, mile after mile.

Stay comfortable while you're on the road

Don't sweat it! We'll get your air conditioning system working in no time so you can ride in comfort.

  • Pressure checks

  • Refrigerant recharge

  • Belts, hoses, and connections

  • Leak test

  • Clean condenser fins

Quickly identify and solve problems with your AC

Although your car will run fine without working air conditioner, it is important to make sure it's functional if you have infants, small children, or pets. Cars heat up quickly on hot days, and car seats can become unbearable to sit on. Keep your little ones safe and happy with a properly working air conditioning system.

Beat the heat and make sure your passengers enjoy the ride

Call today and stay cool this summer!


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